Saturday, September 15, 2007

First camping trip!

Last weekend we went for our first family camping trip! We went to the end of Cape Cod, and camped at a private campground called Dunes' Edge. We highly recommend it -- it wasn't too crowded, and we had a nice little site surrounded by trees. We arrived late Friday night (setting up the tent in the dark), and departed on Sunday morning to get back to a visit with some friends, so we only really vacationed on Saturday, but it was lots of fun. Audrey did a great job sleeping in the tent, and we enjoyed cooking on our new camping cookset.

Saturday was cool and clear; a great day for sightseeing. We had a small mishap in the morning where, while mixing the pancake batter, Scott confused the small bottle of oil with the small bottle of soap. If you've never tried Soapcakes, then ... don't. After breakfast and Audrey's morning nap, we went for a hike on an un-advertised trail that our campground owner recommended. It took us through a salt marsh to a lighthouse at the end, on the ocean. After that we walked around the town of Provincetown, had lunch at a South-African restaurant, some obligatory vacation ice cream, and went back to camp in the afternoon for a much-needed nap. Hamburgers for dinner, and quarter-funded hot showers rounded out a great first family camping experience.