Saturday, August 18, 2007

Audrey update

Over the past week and a half, Audrey has done some things that only a parent would find interesting. But since we're her parents, and this is our blog, we can write it anyway. First, about a week ago she found her feet, and has therefore been putting them in her mouth ever since. Second, she has started to lift her chest off of the floor with her arms, as shown in the picture. Last, she sometimes plants her whole face on the floor and pushes up her bottom half with her legs. (We have a picture of that, too, but it's considerably less flattering.)

Audrey continues to enjoy daycare, and we'll soon be getting two adorable pictures of her first finger-painting experience, which we'll be sure to post. She has a little "boyfriend" there, Calvin, who just turned six months and is learning how to crawl. The staff tell me that they talk to each other -- maybe that's why she's starting to do these new things! She's growing and changing so quickly that we're not sure how to feel. But we love her!

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